Water-Tunnel I

Water-Tunnel II

Water Towing Tank

Wind Tunnel

Rotor and Propeller Test-Bench

Acoustic Laboratory

Research facilities

The ILR operates different experimental facilities for both research and educational activities.

For combining different measurement techniques (such as balance measurements, PIV measurements, acoustic measurements) the Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel is well suited, amongst others because of the open test section design.

Furthermore the ILR operates three Water-Tunnel facilities. With respect to fluid mechanical laws aerodynamic analyses can be done in air and as well in water. The advantage of experiments in water lies in slower velocities, more compact and easier to handle facilities, more effective flow visualization and application of optical measurement techniques.

With the Rotor and Propeller Test-Bench the acoustic characteristics of rotating noise sources can be determined in the wind-tunnel. Other acoustic experiments are performed in the Acoustic Laboratory at ILR.