Air Transport Vehicle Life Cycle Analysis / ATLA

Boost Fund Project for an interdisciplinary life-cycle analysis, funded by the 'Exzellenzinitiative' of the Federal Government and the States


In order to adequately assess new aerospace technology, technological, ecological as well as socio-economic aspects need to be considered within a life-cycle analysis.


  • Development of a methodology for assessing the life-cycle taking into account the three pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology, society
  • Analysis of the impact of design parameters on the total aircraft lifecycle

Interdisciplinary approach

A holistic life-cycle analysis requires competencies of different disciplines which are represented in the ATLA-project by 6 institutes from 3 departments.

Under the lead of ILR the involved institutes work on different work packages:

  • Aircraft design and aerospace related technology research, ILR
  • Product development and PLM, IKT
  • Airport infrastructure, VIA
  • Production and ecobalance, WZL
  • Climatology, GEO
  • Social impact, WiGEO

Assessment Methodolgy

At the beginning of the life-cycle analysis the costs and the emissions during the four phases of the aircraft life-cycle are determined with help of an energy- and resources-balance.

Subsequently, the assessment is executed with respect to the economic, ecological and socio-economic effects on the basis of the aircraft design parameters. The assessment methodology consists of singular modules which are linked via an integration platform. This allows for an easy execution of parameter studies as well as a simple extension of the methodology.

Fields of Application

  • Support for technology decisions
  • Improvement of cost calculations
  • Recommendations for actions of aircraft manufacturers, aircraft operators and politics
  • Anticipation of climate fees