Virtual Air Traffic System Simulation / VATSS

Boost Fund Project for an interdisciplinary air-traffic simulation, funded by means of the 'Exzellenzinitiative' of the Federal Government and the States


There is a need for simulation and demonstration of air-traffic scenarios and their environmental effects:

  • Research in the fields of air-traffic systems, aircraft design, and ATC
  • Commercial applications such as airport design, definition of new flight routes and eco-efficient planning of air-traffic in general
  • Communication of environmental effects of air-traffic towards airport neighbors and residents in matters of noise and emissions for example when dealing with authorization procedures

VATSS Concept

The nearfield airport air-traffic is simulated using an iteratively coupled simulation for the ambience, aircraft movements and their environmental effects. After that the simulation data is prepared for visualization and auralization within a virtual reality (VR) environment.

  • Besides handling conventional data a virtual and scenario can be experienced
  • Complex interrelations are comprehendible for both non-specialists and specialists in an integral way

Multidisciplinary Approach

Collaboration of five institutes from five departments:

  • Aerospace (ILR, FB4) - Aircraft simulation
  • Virtual Reality Group (VRG, FB1) - 3D visualization of the simulation results
  • Climatology (Geo, FB5) - Model of atmosphere and distribution of pollutants
  • Airtraffic and airport (VIA, FB3) - Airport and ATC procedures
  • Technical acoustics (ITA, FB6) - Auralization of the simulation results

Many specialists departments from RWTH Aachen are united for a holistic examination of the air-traffic system confining infrastructure, emissions, climate effects, and noise pollution.

Prospect and further Objectives

  • In collaboration projects between industry and research an innovative technology can be developed
  • Application as a useful tool for an intuitive comprehension of complex interrelations for an environmentally responsible design of tomorrow's air-traffic