Working Fields

Amongst others we work on the following main research topics:

  • Experimental and theoretical analysis of the vortex wake of aircraft
  • Experimental measurement and theoretical analysis of the noise sources of aircraft, e.g. the high-lift system and the wing-tip
  • Improvement of rotor and propeller aerodynamics and reduction of noise
  • Design and optimization of current and also future aircraft configurations
  • Design of future spacecraft systems with special focus on the bluff body aerodynamics
  • Analysis of the consequences of aircraft design and the operational air-transport system on the environment

A central aspect in research and education is considering the next higher level of integration. This is why for example innovative aerospace technologies researched at ILR are always virtually integrated into operational aircraft configurations and then evaluated. Respectively, the validation of new aircraft concepts or flight procedures is done within the context of the total air-transportation system. Amongst the different aerospace institutes and chairs at RWTH Aachen University the ILR takes and integral function.