Research Projects


List of ongoing projects

Title Short Description
ACCESS! Integration of future technical and infrastructural options as well as individual mobility needs of demanders and providers with societal demands and global, national and local environmental goals.

Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts.

AVACON Evaluation of hybrid laminar flow control in combination with a high bypass ratio engine mounted on the wing
BIMOD Investigation of oscillating high-lift flaps for increasing maximum lift
Dachwirbel Experimental and numerical investigation of the interaction of wake vortices with gable roofs

In-flight measurement of electric propulsion systems in propulsion and recovery mode and concluding construction and design recommendations: Psychoacoustic investigation of propellers

E-SAT Development and integration of an electro-hybrid powertrain for the Silent Air Taxi
GNOSIS Holistic evaluation of electric flying taking into account a life cycle analysis
MVDC Design and evaluation of system architectures for electrically powered aircraft
PAKO Psychoacoustic optimization of aircraft
SAT Analysis and design of an on-demand air mobility system for point to point connections, using small, highly automated, electric aircraft for regional and urban airfields.
TeDiMo Establishing a technology diffusion model in the context of the Technology Evaluator that facilitates the investigation of the propagation of new technologies developed in Clean Sky 2
Twin-Helix Dynamics and instabilities of helical vortex pairs
UNICADO Development and establishment of a university-based conceptual aircraft design environment by bundling the design competencies of German universities
URAF Urban and regional transport of freight by electrically powered aircraft