Project thesis presentation Redesign of the ATR42-500 in MICADO

Monday, February 13, 2023, 1:30pm

Aircraft Copyright: © ILR

Redesign of the aircraft type ATR42-500 in the preliminary aircraft design tool MICADO

The GNOSIS project aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the potential of electric flying for different aircraft configurations and sizes. This evaluation will include the impact on climate, local air quality, noise emissions, cost, as well as a safety and life cycle analysis. Additionally, GNOSIS aims to make recommendations for future research and development priorities. The first phase of the project was to assess a commuter aircraft with 19 seats. The second phase will continue the project for aircrafts with 9 and 50 seats. The aim of the present thesis is to describe a redesign of the civil 50-seated aircraft ATR42-500. The purpose of redesigning an existing aircraft is to be able to compare and evaluate the results and therefore the redesigning tool. The redesign is done with a computer-based aircraft conceptual design environment, MICADO, developed by the ILR of RWTH Aachen University. Before the introduction of the preliminary redesign process, the basics of the airplane design process and the MICADO environment are presented. Then, a dataset of the reference aircraft, obtained by literature research, is created and visualized in the MICADO environment in the form of a 3D model. After that, the preliminary redesign process, which contains only the characteristic masses and requirements as the input parameters, is performed in the MICADO environment and presented to compare the results with the real data.

Speaker: Orkan Akpinar, Gerdan Eren

Location: Wüllnerstr. 7, Raum 408 – meeting room SLA