The Institute

  Aerial view of the institute building Copyright: © ILR

The Chair and the Institute of Aerospace Systems (ILR) at RWTH Aachen University have been researching and teaching aerospace technology for over 50 years. The focus is on the design and operation of aircraft and spacecraft and the further development of system components. The aim is to increase the eco-efficiency of future transport vehicles and to develop new mobility concepts.

The teaching at ILR in main lectures covers space vehicle construction, aircraft construction, systems in aerospace vehicles as well as the overall system of air transport.
In addition, the design of helicopters, aircraft concept design and aircraft noise are taught in in-depth lectures. Block lectures and practical courses on delta wings, tests in aircraft development and current aspects of aviation research complete the course offerings.

Research at ILR is divided into four areas: flight physics, aircraft design, systems analysis and space transport. Research at ILR focuses on aircraft design in combination with the integration and evaluation of new technologies. The sustainability of new configurations is also analyzed by means of system analysis in a temporal dimension through life cycle investigations and spatially through integration into air traffic and simulation of aircraft movements. In the fields of flight physics and space transport, the ILR primarily investigates the vortex dynamics of aircraft and carrier systems and the associated acoustics.