Water Tunnels


Measurement Equipment

Flow visualization technique

Particle Image Velocimetry

Force and torque measurement



Water Tunnel 1

The large water circulation tunnel of the institute is of Göttingen type. The measuring section is glazed on the first 4.5 meters from the sides and from below and thus accessible for optical measuring techniques. The last 2 meters of the measuring section are surrounded by ribbed sheet steel and therefore not directly accessible. Shortly before the elbow there is a window at the side, through which an illumination is possible by means of laser, the observation can take place from the glazed part.

Technical Data

Taper Ratio 2
Driving Power kW 30
Volume of Water m3 60
Measurement Section (WxHxL) m 1.5 x 1.0 x 6.5
Speed m/s 0 - 1.8

Water Tunnel 2

The small water circulation tank at ILR is a closed water tank with fully glazed measuremnt section. For increasing the Reynolds Number the water can be heated.

Technical Data

Taper Ratio 1.8
Driving Power kW 21
Volume of Water m3 6
Measurement Section (WxHxL) m 0.54 x 0.54 x 1.2
Speed m/s 0 - 4

Water Towing Tank

The water towing tank at the institute is glazed on the sides and bottom. The free water surface has a special cover for damping the surface waves. For model traversing, a towing vehicle guided on rails and driven by a cable pull runs above the measuring section.

Technical Data

Driving Power kW 23
Volume of Water m3 13
Measurement Section (WxHxL) m 1.5 x 1.0 x 9.0
Speed m/s 0 - 2.5