System Analysis

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The performance of a technology is usually overestimated in the isolated state. Each integration step into the next higher system level, for example, aircraft component into aircraft into air transport system, results in a loss of performance, mostly due to interaction with other system components and the system environment. In order to come close to the optimum in the real integrated state, developed system thinking and virtual integration in the early phases of research and development are required, which allow transparent assessment and valid decision-making with regard to the technology options and characteristics to be preferred. Air transport is a complex system that is strongly influenced by far-reaching regulation and the interests of many stakeholders. Accordingly, it is demanding to use simulations to make valid forecasts and statements on the optimal design for sustainable development.

At ILR, the sustainability of new configurations, technologies and operating procedures at the level of the air transport system is analysed by means of system analysis in a temporal dimension through life cycle investigations and spatially through integration into air traffic and associated simulation of aircraft movements.