UNIversity Conceptual Aircraft Design and Optimization

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The conceptual aircraft design has been used for years to develop new aircraft configurations or to evaluate new technologies in existing aircraft configurations. For this reason, there are many conceptual aircraft design environments worldwide, especially in universities, which are now all more or less at the same level. However, industry and large-scale research is currently only able to make a profound assessment of the validity of the respective design environment used and the overall design capability with regard to a few universities, and therefore hardly uses them at all. This is partly because individual universities do not have the critical mass to independently and comprehensively implement and qualify their own new design approaches in the ideas competition with industry and large-scale research.

The UNICADO project aims at the development and establishment of a university conceptual aircraft design environment in order to bundle the design and disciplinary competencies of German universities and make them usable in the long term. The fundamental goal is to exploit synergy potentials and to shift the focus of research and teaching from code development to actual design work. The design environment will be validated together with industry and large-scale research. This is to ensure connectivity to the design processes of industry and non-university research and thus enable efficient joint research in the field of aircraft design.

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