CeRAS - Central Reference Aircraft Data System


CeRAS (Central Reference Aircraft data System) is a central database hosting reference design data of commercial aircraft. It is intended to be used for research projects dealing with conceptual to preliminary aircraft design studies as well as technology integration and assessment.


CeRAS was developed in a pilot-project managed by ILR in cooperation with Airbus Future Project Office and is intended to serve as an open platform hosting reference aircraft data and methods that can be used by a research community in aeronautic research projects. The technical topics of the addressed user group lie in the field of overall aircraft design as well as technology integration and evaluation on aircraft level. To enable the communication within the research community the CeRAS homepage has been created and filled with a first short-range reference aircraft dataset. The research community can contribute to and communicate via the CeRAS homepage that is intended to serve as living open source platform.


Within the project the ILR multidisciplinary aircraft design and optimization environment MICADO has been used to create a first consistent reference aircraft dataset for a short range configuration. This dataset with its top-level aircraft requirements as well as the aircraft characteristics has been published and can be used by industrie and research community for studies, technology integration and evaluation. Furthermore, common standards for monetary assessment methodologies are presented.