Research Projects


List of ongoing projects

Title Short Description
ACCESS! Integration of future technical and infrastructural options as well as individual mobility needs of demanders and providers with societal demands and global, national and local environmental goals.

Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts.

CATeW Investigation of coupling hybrid laminar flow control with variable camber for influencing wing aerodynamics of a medium-range aircraft
E-SAT Development and integration of an electro-hybrid powertrain for the Silent Air Taxi
E-SATstart Developing a framework to integrate the control design with aerostructral design for the hybride electric silent air taxi
GUSTAFO Analyzing and optimizing the potential of high aspect ratio wing with dynamically folding outer wing segment by extension of the preliminary design process to include aeroelastic effects on aircraft performance
H2Avia Investigation and evaluation of hydrogen as an energy carrier for commercial aircraft from the production of the fuel, to the technology, to the climate impact.
SAT Analysis and design of an on-demand air mobility system for point to point connections, using small, highly automated, electric aircraft for regional and urban airfields.
Twin-Helix 2 Experimental and numerical analysis of instabilities of helical vortex pairs
UNICADO Development and establishment of a university-based conceptual aircraft design environment by bundling the design competencies of German universities
URAF Urban and regional transport of freight by electrically powered aircraft
VENTUS Availability of regional air transport systems in difficult weather conditions depending on the aircraft used and airfield infrastructure