Teaching at ILR



All information concerning the organization of the studies of aerospace sciences can be found on RWTHonline. These include, for example, dates of courses and examinations and the number of credit points as well as the number of hours per week of the individual courses.


The ILR provides basic and advanced knowledge in the field of aerospace technology. The main focus of the teaching is on the technology, systems and design of aircraft and spacecraft as well as on the air traffic system. Within the scope of student theses (project, bachelor and master theses), students are directly involved into current research projects and introduced to scientific working methods.


    The close connection of the ILR with industry and other national and international research institutions on scientific, academic and industrial projects enables us to keep the teaching up to date. New aspects are presented and discussed with representatives from research and industry in lectures and colloquia. Together with other scientific institutions of RWTH Aachen University, the ILR offers annual field trips that provide a deeper practical insight into the aerospace industry.


    The following courses are provided by the Institute of Aerospace Systems:

    Bachelor's degree program

    • Aircraft design 1

    • Air Transport Systems

    Master's degree program

    • Aircraft Design 2

    • Aerospace Systems

    • Helicopter Engineering

    • Spacecraft Design 1

    • Spacecraft Design 2

    • Aircraft Noise 1

    • Aircraft Noise 2

    • Reduction of transport noise

    Courses supported by Faculty 4's quality improvement

    • Aircraft vortex structure / Ground Effect, practical training

    • Principles of High Lift Aerodynamics, practical training

    • Helicopters ground effect , practical training

    • Aircraft preliminary design studies, teaching project

    • Design of delta-wing aircraft, teaching project

    Additional courses

    • Colloquium on selected aerospace issues

    • Student field trip

    • PhD seminar