Teaching at ILR

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The ILR provides basic and advanced knowledge in the field of aerospace technology. The main focus of the teaching is on the technology, systems and design of aircraft and spacecraft as well as on the air traffic system.

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Research Papers and Theses

ILR offers students of aerospace engineering at RWTH Aachen University and young scientists in this field various opportunities to get to know scientific work. Here you can find available topics.

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Student Contests

The students at ILR have successfully participated in national and international competitions for many years. In some cases, the ILR organises specific student groups for individual competitions, and of course it also provides extensive support for student groups that have started on their own initiative.

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Since 2011, ILR has cooperated closely with the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

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Vocational training to become a mathematic-technical software developer includes a practical part, which is carried out at an RWTH institute. At ILR, the MATSE is directly involved in current aerospace research and development alongside PhD students.

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PhD Thesis

An overview of all dissertations published by ILR since 1971 can be found here.

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