research at ILR

Silent Air Taxi © Copyright: ILR

Research at the ILR is divided into four areas: Flight physics, aircraft design, systems analysis and space flight. Research at the ILR focuses on aircraft design in combination with the integration and evaluation of new technologies.

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research projects

Visualization of the wake vortex behind an aircraft model © Copyright: ILR

Funding is provided by the EU, the federal government, the state, the DFG and industry. This also offers students the opportunity to participate and work on interesting topics.

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Hotwire probe © Copyright: ILR


Measurement at flow channel © Copyright: ILR

We offer existing knowledge and services in the fields of measurement technology, design, construction and system analysis. For experimental investigations we have wind and water tunnels as well as various test benches at our disposal.

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A complete list of publications and a search function are accessible here.

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