Multidisciplinary Integrated Conceptual Aircraft Design and Optimization Environment


Picture of Florian Schültke © Copyright: ILR


Florian Schültke

Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 96822



The conceptual and preliminary aircraft design task is stated as to optimally design an aircraft for a given set of top-level requirements, and with respect to selected key evaluation criteria. For this, MICADO offers a reasonable program execution sequence to ensure an efficient and consistent overall aircraft design process.

Special Features of MICADO aircraft design environment:

  • Automated Design, Sizing and Analysis of Aircraft Concepts
  • Sophisticated Engine-Performance-Simulation with GasTurb
  • Consideration of System Power Off-takes to Engine-Performance
  • Detailed Aircraft Performance Analysis – Selection of Auto-Flight Level for SAR
  • Economical and Ecological Assessment of Aircraft Design
  • Hybrid Laminar Flow Control
  • Parameter Variation – Creation of TAUX-Tables
  • Interface to high-fidelity tools
  • Modularity allows assessment of individual parts
  • Geometry parameterization for easy geometry variations

Most recently, MICADO has been used to establish a Central Reference Aircraft data System for the European research community, containing detailed reference aircraft data confirmed by an academic and industrial user group. The reference data are disseminated in the world wide web as open source data.