Integration of a noise assessment tool into the conceptual aircraft design software UNICADO

  • Anbindung eines Lärmbewertungstools an die konzeptionelle Flugzeugentwurfssoftware UNICADO

Garcia, Diana-Graca; Stumpf, Eike (Thesis advisor); Hörnschemeyer, Ralf Gerd (Thesis advisor); Zimmnau, Maurice (Consultant)

Aachen (2022)
Bachelor Thesis

Bachelorarbeit, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, 2022


Noise generated by aircraft has the potential of impacting human comfort in a negative way. Therefore, generated aircraft noise is to be determined in the preliminary design phase. The software University Conceptual Aircraft Design and Optimization (UNICADO) is under development at the Institute of Aerospace Systems (ILR) at RWTH Aachen University and is to expand to incorporate noise assessment capabilities, with a subsequent noise assessment of the CeRAS short-range aircraft (CSR-02). The noise assessment is conducted by means of PANAM, Parametric Aircraft Noise Analysis Module, a noise prediction tool, developed at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). As an interface for the exchange of data between UNICADO and PANAM, the Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema (CPACS) is used. Required parameters for noise assessment are determined and provided for PANAM. The noise assessment is carried out for both the take off flight and the landing flight. In both cases, noise generation by the engines is dominant, due to the high performance during take off and the reversal thrust during landing. In particular, noise generated by the rotation of the fan produces the majority of engine noise. As in PANAM the total noise level is equated with the loudest source, the noise generated by the engines is interpreted as overall aircraft noise. Furthermore, the process of retracting and extending the flaps and slats along the flight path is essentially for a precise simulation of the noise generated by the trailing edge and the leading edge, as incorrect estimations have a significant influence on the generated noise. Beyond that, the impact of landing gear tires on noise is simulated in PANAM in a limited way.


  • Chair and Institute of Aerospace Systems [415310]