Low Noise Wind Tunnel Aachen


Measurement Equipment

Flow visualization technique

Particle Image Velocimetry

Force and torque measurement

Pressure measurement

Hot-wire Anemometry

Microphone Array


Aeroacoustics is becoming increasingly important in the research landscape of aerodynamics. While automobile manufacturers are increasingly investing in aeroacoustic wind tunnels, the need for research in this area is also growing in the field of manned and unmanned aviation. With the current megatrends of Urban Air Mobility and Urban Air Freight using air taxes and drones, the enormous economic potential goes hand in hand with the challenge of creating acceptance for these new transport systems. A design that is extremely silent is at the top of the list of requirements.


In the course of these current developments the ILR is expanding its infrastructure by an aeroacoustic wind tunnel. The open jet of the wind tunnel is located in an anechoic chamber, which allows acoustic measurements almost under free field conditions. Due to the absence of a closed loop and a drive located far downstream of the measuring section, excellent flow conditions with minimal noise can be expected. At the nozzle outlet cross section, which measures 1.0 m width and 0.8 m height, flow velocities of up to 50 m/s can be continuously adjusted, which makes this wind tunnel interesting for a wide range of test objects.

Overall, this experimental facility is intended to make a lasting contribution to expanding the state of knowledge of aeroacoustic phenomena, both on the academic test model and on the actual product. The aim is to expand the competence center for these questions at the location Aachen.

  Sketch of the low noise wind tunnel